12 Week Workout plan

With Diet Recommendation

12 Week Workout Plan + Diet Plan + Fundamentals Ebook

My 12-week custom Workout Plans are designed specifically for YOU. I take a lot pride in my work and make each plan as detailed as possible to help you reach your fitness goals. The plan will consist of stretching routine, tips/exercises to enhance muscle-mind connection, different training techniques, and a separate Fundamentals Ebook. I want to share the knowledge that I was lucky enough to acquire through my father and my 17 years of experience, so I wrote an E-book that outlines what I have learned.

What’s Included?

• Fundamentals E-book

• 24/7 Support from your coach

• Cardio regime

• Stretch Regime

• Fully custom workouts made by ME

• Weekly modifications (if necessary)

• Diet Modifications

• Supplement Recommendations

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In-Person Training

I would love to share what I have to offer you in-person at Self-Made Training Facility in Phoenix, Arizona. Call, text, or email me for a free session! 

  • 1:1 & small group personal Training
  • Personalized Workout Plan
  • Customized Diet Plan
  • Coaching App
  • Lifestyle Nutritional Coaching
  • Supplement Guidance
  • Free Session w/ consultation
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Private Facility • No Gym Fees

Contact Me

Email: tribalbuiltfitness@gmail.com

Gym Info

Self Made Training Facility Phoenix

14647 S. 50th street Suite B-100 Phoenix, AZ 58044


The name “TribalBuilt” was inspired by my mission to create a community that is tight knit like that of a Tribe where each member is creatively Built through my fundamentals and teachings which is a blend of skills and knowledge acquired through 18 years of experience in different crafts.

I aim to educate and connect each member to their body so they can find their own path and discover what they are truly capable of. Whether you’re new to fitness or an advanced athlete, TribalBuilt is here to help. Let’s build YOUR foundation so you can become TribalBuilt!